Accurate image survey meter, electronic survey meter, two-dimensional survey meter, high-accuracy survey meter

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Hello, we are Beijing the photoelectricity gather together dragon's scientific and technological centre, we supply the image survey meter. The VMS series survey meter is manual accurate image survey meter series 2.5D that our company produces, characteristics such as powerful, characteristic is stabling, high, easy to operate, convenient maintenance of precision,etc.. Can his digitization image that observe under traditional microscope with naked eye in the past, store, enter, make, gauge while being various types of in the computer it, drawing can the storage of data of the income in the computer, or the sending of the E-mail in order to save in the future. This instrument is suitable for measuring for all applications of purpose, for instance with two coordinates: Uses such as detection of quality, engineering development, drawing,etc.. Use in trades such as the machinery, mould, cutting tool, plastic, electron, instrument,etc. extensively. As to other product series are compared, the simple, characteristic of widening, loading and unloading conveniently etc. of putting the space of work piece with strong bearing capacity that this series have structure.Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Zhang YiFen

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