SDH transfers to Ethernet converter

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The characteristic of the products: SDH155M only transfers to 1-4 pieces of Ethernet 100MRJ45 electricity and utilizes the existing SDH network resource to set up the diaphanous data transmission platform, the endmost transmission distance reachable 120KM supports ultra length frame of Ethernet to transmit, provide the transparent security, segregation, too transparent to exchange the function to offer the interface of local Console of transmitting all business of bandwidth assurance for Ethernet agreement, offer the abundant network to monitor and support global management and control, and with unifying the integrating and offering the complete Home Terminal and reporting an emergency and asking for help or increased vigilance on the instruction distally of the management platform of network, install and maintain, offer good compatibility and the intersection of dilatation and the intersection of multiservice terminal and the intersection of optical transmission and apparatus, FL-ES1000/FL-ES4000 of ability, offer one SDH of STM-1 connect while being convenient The mouth and one or four 100M all diplex Ethernet interface, in the payload of a data packet in-line package to SDH/SONET of Ethernet, realize the remote high-speed interconnection of Ethernet through SDH transmission network. Can apply telecommunication, UNICOM, move, the intersection of network and coherent, broadcasting and TV,etc. to in the every network of operator extensively. This serial apparatuses accord with the relevant norm of SDH/SONET, and there are network management functions, the convenient telecommunication operator manages. The apparatus is small, the business is large in capacity, reduce switching to equip in order to reduce the cost of network integration at the same time. Very suitable for taking traditional TDM business as the core, carrying out the transition to the structural gradual progress trend of business of city access network relying mainly on data traffic gradually, suitable for use in the construction of the city access network, offer safe high efficiency, access solution simple and easy to do for Ethernet private line service of the metropolitan area or wide area of the operator.

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