Hong Kong wish agate instrument connection professional the intersection of AR846 and digital the intersection of wind speed and air volume count for a long time

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The name of product: The air volume of AR846 digital wind speed counts the place of production of brand: The packing of product of the agate instrument that Hong Kong wishes: AR846 consults and offers: The place of production of 850.00 manufacturers: Hong Kong wish the intersection of agate and the intersection of instrument and detailed materials: ( http://Arco.New17.cn/Ar_20.htm) Note: If can't click the website directly, ask to " duplicate " All characters in the bracket " Paste " Can open the detailed materials page to IE address portion carriage return! Introduce briefly: Hong Kong wishes the agate instrument AR846 digital wind speed air volume counts the wind warmly and measures range - 10 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ; The wind speed measures range 0.3-45m/s; Air volume measures range 0- 999900m3/s; Can download measurement is or real-time to measure online through the intersection of USB and the intersection of interface and on-line computer; Use the number value that can be measured of marking and matching the software to produce the curve and analyze the chart, and can export the printing. ...... Consult and order the hot line: 010-89883092. The above-mentioned information it prosperous to remit sea Science Technologies Co., Ltd. by Beijing ' Instrument connection of agate of Greece of Hong Kong) Release, without permission, decline to reprint!

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