Liquid location sensor of infrared ray

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Operation principle:

This product is a new kind of liquid location sensors that our company researches and develops and produces according to the needs of customer, the customer reflects this product is used very effectively. A segment of 0.76 to 400 microns of since wavelength is called the infrared ray in spectrum, the infrared ray is the not visible light. All is higher than absolute zero ' -273.15 ¡æ) Material capital last infrared ray all right.

This product is made on the basis of liquid infrared ray sensor. When the external world is examined the liquid to engage the surface of the sensor, change the light route, infrared to receive and in charge of being in ending state, then amplify and deal with the signal through the microelectronics, output the relay or photosensitive resister signal that we need. In the occasion used for needing the location of liquid to measure and control, are suitable for using in various liquid. A signal of this liquid does not have any mechanical movement part to count, the sensor one at one time prevents seepage from encapsulating, stable and reliable but for a long time to work, it is the floater type ideal regeneration product of liquid-level switch. This product can select the stainless steel pole type for use for the relay / exporting type of the photosensitive resister, also can select the cable type for use and can use leading, water leading and detection and control of the number of oil level of thrust bearing in water tank, fuel tank and hydrogenerator extensively. This product can not be had terminal boxes, can input DC 24V power that the interface of return circuit links with PLC and can use PLC directly.

Main technical parameter:

Measure mediums

All kinds of oil or water, and various organic, inorganic solutions

Measure the error

¡À 2mm

Working way

Measure continuously

Number of times of movements


Power consumption

Less than or equal to 5W

Export the type

Photosensitive resister / relay

Load voltage

DC 10- 35V

Working voltage

AC220V / DC24V / DC5V

Load current

Smaller than 40mA/AC250V 1A/DC24V 3A

Working pressure

0- 2.5MPa

Medium temperature

-40 ¡æ- + 85 ¡æ

Connect materials

Stainless steel

Connection way

The flange, whorl: Can customize

Measuring staff material

Stainless steel

Specification of the measuring staff

§æ 16mm, length: Customization

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