Xingtai the intersection of steel and on-line tool instrument get away silk machine for a long time

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Hello, we are on-line tool instrument factories of steel of Ren County of Hebei, our supply rolls the silk machine. The 80 type silk rolling machine is used mainly for rolling to press various exterior whorl, high strength standard component, ordinary whorl, ladder-shaped whorl and the intersection of modulus and whorl, can go on take shape, align, barrel burnishing, roll to the intersection of garden and the intersection of shape and work piece line,etc. roll, pigeonhole, process. The material adapting to rolling and pressing: The coefficient of elongation is greater than 10%, tensile strength is smaller than various carbon steel, alloy steel and nonferrous metals of 100N/mm2.Obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Yang JinYong

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