The gear is repaired, liquid pressure bar is repaired

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Changchun very prosperous machine component of house repair limited company multiply and compound and repair the craft. To various steel plants, colliery, petroleum, metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, electric machinery, cast the defect, engineering machinery, car making, rubbery machinery, printing machine, overproof of the mould, fabrics machine, hydraulic pressure, pressure system and all kinds of machine components, scratch, weigh wounded, abrade, corrode and the repair of different precision parts.

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Repair the range:

Machine component are repaired, the gear is repaired, the axle is repaired, the hydraulic cylinder liquid pressure bar is repaired, the printer cylinder does not disintegrate and repair, the mould is repaired, casts defect repairing, tape and presses repairing, cylinder block crackle of leak stoppage to repair.

Develop Hi-Tech, repair means exclusively with us, let, scrap part of the mechanical equipment win new student!

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