200 stainless steel electrolyzes the cloud of Weihai of the polishing solution clearlyLiu ZhaoLi 5621396

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Clear card of cloud 200 stainless steel electrolyzes the cloud of Weihai of the polishing solution clearly Liu ZhaoLi 06315621396( 001000)

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The cloud of Weihai is clearLiu ZhaoLiThe stainless steel surface treats experts

Major application: This product is suitable for the stainless steel bright finish of series 200, it is high to throw the luminance, the gloss is lasting.

Outstanding characteristic: High in efficiency, high quality, can get out the high gloss in several minutes. Dissolve one storey of bit error of deformation which loses the metal surface preferably, the cavity builds up the equipotential organization, get the equipotential surface, make the anti-corrosion characteristic of stainless steel improve greatly.

Physical and chemical index: State: Transparent liquid; The acid is alkaline: Acid; Flammability: It is not exploded that non-combustible; Corrosivity: There is corrosivity

Operation method: The use of stock solution, the lead sheet does the negative pole (negative pole) ,Work piece make the positive pole ' Positive pole) ,60-70, the intersection of current density and 15-50 / the intersection of square and decimeter, voltage 8 volt about, 5-8 minutes such as time. Note: Can adjust some technological process according to the actual conditions.

Applicable scope: The stainless steel work piece electrolytic polishing which is suitable for 201, 202, 204 grade types, are especially suitable for the polishing treatment of the complicated work piece of architectural comparison.

Notes: 1, Materials are different, the process conditions are different too, must adjust according to the actual conditions. This product has corrosivity, don't be pleasing to the eye, mouth, don't touch the skin; 2,Such as miscontact, the fresh water is washed immediately, the serious one, burn seeking medical advice according to the strong acid; 3,Keep in the sealed shady and cool place, always open.

The waste fluid is dealt with: Until " whether the intersection of cloud and clear card neutralize, punish pharmaceutical " Neutralize it to be neutral (pH =7)And then discharge, there is not any danger.

Pack the specification: Plastic bottle: 1 kilogram / bottle, 24 bottles / case; 30 kilograms / barrel.

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