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Make the sand machine with mine tailings that our factory produces, the stone makes the production line of sand, milling apparatus, Hubei Province type crusher, jaw type crusher, the Hubei Province type crusher has already been authorized through ISO9001 quality system, free installation is debugged, there are stock, three packs of quality, welcome to choose, Tel.: 0371-68173391
Building stones are carried on the preliminary breakage by the coarse crusher, then the thick material produced carries to the fine crusher to further break from the band type conveyor, the building stones after being in small, broken bits stock the vibrating screen and tell two kinds of stones, meet sand mechanism sand of system of stone of the feedstock graininess of the sand making machine, another part returns to the material to enter thin and broken. A part of stone of the sand machine of system is made into the sand, it is (available) to pass the sand washer Wash, make finished sand, another part of system sand machine is broken again. The cobblestone is made the production line of sand
The ones that produced in our factory made high sand production line automaticity, the low cost of running, the broken rate is high, energy-conservation, the output is large, pollute it little, it is simple and convenient to maintain, the mechanism sand produced is used extensively.

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