Permanent morality cooling pipe

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Qingyun of Shandong permanent NC machine tool attachment Co., Ltd. of Germany collects scientific research, develops, produces, sells with the integrative modernization, militarizes the professional lathe attachment enterprises of management. The company adopts advanced Germany's technology, the craft and making procedure in the same trade at first. The constant innovative technology reforms the materials, produce the economic, esthetic, reliable products in the attachment ranks of the lathe. The galaxy of talent of the company of today, have high, experienced education, are rich in the staff with strong innovative consciousness, engaged in the engineering of the lathe attachment. Add lustre for your lathe, and thousands of users of 30 odd provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China trust deeply.

Staples drag chain, plastic drag chain, engineering plastics drag chain, steel drag chain, various flexible conduits, hose nipple, chip removal machine, separator, magnetic separator, rubber tyer separator, comb dent separator, large-scale chip removal device group are stable and reliable, lathe guide rail protective cover, the link chain cable put the water join, adjustable cooling pipe, lathe protective cover, organ protective cover, stainless steel protective cover of the high speed, protective cover of rolling screen, JR- 2 type rectangular flexible metal hose, series of products of the lathe attachments of more than one hundred types of dozens of kinds such as board, lathe padding iron, working light, operational unit of scraping. Our company, under the support, trust and help of the masses of customers, our company will continue making great efforts with lathe attachment field, struggle hard, dare to develop, the economic, esthetic, practical, perfect scientific and technological products of design reciprocate old and new customers.

Welcome your company to cooperate sincerely with us wholeheartedly!


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