Electric electric apparatus of clear water of Xinghua of the heater of the porcelain sleeve / industrial electroheating tube 0523-83761365

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Hello, Xinghua city electric electric apparatus limited company in the clear water supplies heater of the porcelain sleeve, heater of the hod, heat radiation type electric heating tube, titanium and makes vapour to heat (cool) Tube, the intersection of wing and the intersection of chip type and electric heating tube, take the intersection of tin and electric heating tube industrial electric heater. www.jscsdr.com staples takes tubular heating unit as the core, the material has titanium steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, gathers electric heating elements such as alkene, cast aluminium, brass founder, casting iron,etc. of second Fluorine. Products apply chemical industry, food, medical treatment, electrical home appliances, textile, petroleum, rubber and plastic, machinery to generate heat mechanical kit trade to extensively. Company's technical force is rich, the craft is consummate, through undertaking and development for many years, the company has passed ISO: 9000 quality systems are authorized, become the enterprises up to standard of total quality control of the Ministry of Agriculture, the products are regarded as the leading brand products in Taizhou by the government of Taizhou. Company's product variety specification is complete now, there are batch high-quality professional designer and advanced computer system, will carry on professionally and design, process specially according to users' special requirement. 0523-83761365¡¡83760318 obeys the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Manager Dai

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