5A-20AKSD301 temperature detect switch thermostat

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Type KSD301 specified voltage 250/125/24 (V) Rated current 5/10/15/20( A) The automatic reset function has KSD301 subminiature thermostat systems that touches the temperature sensing type speed moving die thermostat, for meet different users' needs and operating mode divide into reset automatically and hand-restoring, there are mobile types, making up type to install the way. The width of splicing ear has 6.3mm, 4.8mm, 3.2mm flat pin and 45 ¡æ bent pins, 90 ¡æ bent pins,etc.. This product is used mainly and done heat to protect in electrical apparatus and household electrical appliance in year. For instance: Drinking machine, sterilizer, shower, dryer, medical equipment,etc.. 1. Service conditions The environment at +20 ¡æ of the relative humidity reaches 95% Atmospheric pressure 86-106Kpa Working position: Arbitrary 2. Technical parameter Contact form: 1D or 1H (limit resets automatically) Contact load: 220VAC 10A 3A 8A or 24VDC 10A 3A 8A Insulation resistance: The normal atmospheric temperature is often wet Greater than or equal to 100M¦¸ Contact resistance: Less than or equal to 100 m¦¸ The withstand voltage of medium: Greater than or equal to 1500VAC The intensity of vibration: 50HZ single width 0.35mm Impact strength: 150m/S2 Weight 10g --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Data list reset mode of the specification Movement temperature (¡æ) Temperature error of movements (¡æ) Reply the temperature (¡æ) Test hoists or lower the warm speed (¡æ/ min) Remarks Automatic reset -10-110 ¡À 5 or ¡À 3 or ¡À 2 10-40 5-10

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