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The happy good lightning protection Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Qingdao specializes in, sells earthy friction reducer of lightning protection, earthes module, electric resistance reducing module. Tel.: 0532-86610058 (1) Main application area: 1, Power plant, converting station, construction of nuclear power, construction of wind-powered electricity, construction of water and electricity, switching station, high-voltage transmission line, work earthing, safety grounding and lightning grounding such as the electric railway, telecommunication, moving the communication substation, microwave relay station, ground statellite receiving station, radar station. 2,Work earthing and protection ground such as valuable precision instrument, apparatus of computer room, programme-controlled apparatus of post and telecommunications, broadcasting the television equipment, electronic medical equipment. 3,Lightning grounding such as various skyscrapers and tall and big structures, scenic spot ancient building, tall and big monument. 4,Petroleum delivery duct and oil gas pitcher, the warehouse lightning protection of flammable and explosive material (2) Characteristic of the products 1. This module adopts the stable non- metallic conductor material of characteristic as the conducting medium of the module, its conductivity is free of season. 2. Can pick up the moisture and moisten skin, can keep keeping in touch with the soil effectively, the earthing resistance is low. 3. In the high soil resistivity area, can reduce the earthing resistance of the ground mat effectively. 4. Able to bear great mains frequency and impulse current to strike, the resistance is steady. 5. Able to bear corroding, nonpoisonous, the life time is as long as 30 years, installed simply and conveniently. 6. Can stand - 40 ⊥ low temperature, the high and cold area in the North is likewise applicable.(3) Technical indicator 1. Appearance size: 500* 400* 60mm, 600x400x60mm 朴 150x800mm 朴 260x800mm. 2. Quality: 50kg-80kg. 3. The electrical resistivity at room temperature: Less than or equal to 3次? m. 4. The earthing resistance of mains frequency: 8.2次 (does soil resistivity fetch the typical soil property 52次 in the result district of Changsha? m) . 5. Estimate formula Rj> 0.16老 (老 is the soil resistivity) . (can make the type magnitude to measure too) Website:

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