Generating set 3-1500KW) Price at factory (

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The star light power plant Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu, it is a producer of the most complete, professional manufacture diesel generator set of the apparatus of the largest scale of Jiangsu Province, it is the fixed point production base of diesel generator set of Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. The unit of monitoring center of the quality of diesel generator set of Jiangsu Province, the members of electromechanical association of dealers of China. The enterprises of famous star in the province, the products are all authorized through ISO9002 quality system, and is imported and exported the credentials on one's own account. Our company was established in 1974, the company covered an area of 86000 square meters, with a construction area of 45000 square meters, having 26 million multivariate of fixed assets, there are more than 660 staff now, among them the number of professional and technical personnel is 456, high level technical staff is 106, have subordinate constituent companies (factory) 6, consist of 64 selling service department in China, offer to user, design, supply, debug, maintain a connected sequence at any time. Use first-class talents, build first-class enterprises, make the product of miscarrying, achieve the high quality services, make the first-class enterprises of China with all effort.

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