ShuntShunt of the ampere meter

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The huge peak counting device fittings limited company of Leqing are that one in Zhejiang produce and manage the shunt, direct-flow shunt arc welding generator shunt, the new high-tech enterprise of the high-frequency power shunt.

Company it follows science and technology to be all one's life theory of producing strength, fully utilize one's own region advantage, assemble, have high-quality skilled personnel while being a number of, combine the modern science and technology with China's power construction, actual conditions of production, high-quality, intelligent, practical and light serial electricity test the products to develop. Carry out ISO9001 quality system standard strictly in the course of producing and managing, has guaranteed effectively product quality is advanced and reliable. So has received the favorably noticing of trades such as Chinese electricity, arc welding generator, high-frequency power and communication power,etc. user.

" sincere letter service, have a large circle of friends " It is company's firm management theory of the huge peak, we fulfil the contract strictly conscientiously, fulfill the commitment, strengthen the network system of the after-sale service, in order to upgrade, service that the high thought guides us, devote the products upgraded, higher to you. Let the efforts of the huge peak company turn your satisfaction, huge peak company staff expect you come to Zhejiang Leqing, come to the huge peak counting device fittings limited company of Leqing to investigate guidance.

First. The use of the products: The huge peak shunt is used for expanding the instrument and measuring the electric current range extensively, can be used in electronic complete machine automation control of communication system

Return circuits such as the power,etc. do the limit and flow. Flow. Sample. Measure function, the service condition is a group B.

Two. The main technical parameter of the huge peak shunt:

1.Accuracy grade: 5~4000A: 0.5 grades, 5000A 10000A: 1 grade.

2.The condition of environment for use: -40 is +60 ¡æ, the relative humidity is less than or equal to 95% (35 ¡æ)

3.Able to bear mechanical performance: Can it bears the acceleration to be 70 meter per second assault every minute such as frequency

The crowns of the head of transportation of 80~120 6 hours are shaken.

4.Overladen performance: Specified electric current is 120%, 2 hours.

5.The voltage is lowered: 50mV,75mV,100mV,200mV,300mV.

6.Support and leave and generate heat: Change hasten, stabilize electric current, exceed 80 ¡æ under the 50A. Specified electric current 50A Israel

It does not exceed 120 ¡æ to have.

Three. The huge peak shunt type expresses the rule:

FL-2 200A 75mV 0.5%

(type)(electric current)(press and lower)(precision)

Contact information

Company's nameHuge peak counting device fittings limited company of Leqing

Company's addressWhite stone phoenix's industrial area of Leqing of Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province of China


ProvinceZhejiang Province

Country / areaChina


Telephone number86-577-62683790



Mobile phone86-13757788626

Contact (department)Sales manager Mr. Wu

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