The intersection of computer lab and specialized air conditioner - sea auspicious and Al wish, like silent to born!

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Too auspicious to install in the room inner integrated aircrew (series HTD/HTU) in the sea The sea auspicious not HTD/HTU is specially designed to be installed in the room inner environmental governing system, cupboard load with make aircrew up, merge for air-cooled air conditioner and whole air conditioning unit into the whole. So the part has already been tested, assembled before being dispatched from the factory. The complete machine has been already injected before being dispatched from the factory into the cooling medium and debugged well. Condense scattered hot loop, can connect to outdoor through tuber pipe. So especially suitable to can't install place of apparatus any while being outdoor type this. The outside air enters room through the electrically operated valve in free energy-conservation is circulated, room inner the intersection of positive pressure and air arrange, reach outdoor in fan through air conditioner at the same time. So, the air conditioner fans are in working state in free energy-conservation is circulated. But if the aircrew leans against the installation of wall, and choose the aircrew base with pressure relief valve, the air conditioner fan is in stopping state in free energy-conservation is circulated, can guarantee to discharge outdoor air,etc. to introduce into the inner air of the room at the same time.

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