Heat insulation protective cover of hydraulic cylinder

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It is very important to protect the complete network of the commercial installation, it can reduce the maintenance cost greatly, apparatus service life of effective extension. But smelt

Complicated work environment that gold and inevitable in trade existence high temperature, splash, dust, greasy dirt, water are drenched,etc., solve the abominable working condition

The shelter of making the apparatus is essential.

The fierce companies of No. hundred are professional what has been designed can be up to the flexible hydraulic cylinder protective cover of shaft pressing of the liquid, choose and compound the inflaming retarding material in multiple layers, adopt high frequency

The technology that heat is shut, can coat in an all-round way and protect sport parts synchronously and totally stop the dust, greasy dirt splash thing, radiant heat entering, and

The severe environment of can shake in the high temperature ing etc. plays long term administration.

Characteristic characteristic:

► High compression ratio, meet the needs of various working conditions

► Refractory and insulating against heat in multiple layers, thus the protection device or part

► Very waterproof, dustproof, oil proofing, defending the chemical mediator, defending the thing splash of metal fusing

► Can design and make the water jacket related to it to seal according to the on-the-spot working condition

Monolithic construction, adopt the high-quality skeleton, wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, and does not rub the axle, and is furnished with the complete relevant assembly.

Order label: Name Type (pole ' External diameter) *Maximum length ( Compress the length) ) Unit Quantity

For example: The integral hydraulic cylinder protects and covers BT6301A ¦µ 150 (¦µ 280) *2000 ( 500 ) Shroud 50

The remarks: It must be studied carefully that the patented product is counterfeit, the application number of the patent: 200920088320.1






Glass fibre

Double-deck rubber

-40 - 110 ¡æ

Economic, practical, meet environments such as the dust, humidity, grease spot,etc.


Complex fiber

Double-deck rubber

-40 - 200 ¡æ

Have long performance life, meet environments such as dust, humidity, grease spot, emulsion,etc.


Heat-resisting fiber

Coating of double-deck inflaming retarding

-18 - 550 ¡æ

Adapt to the high-temperature environment, splash is put, waterproof vapour, dust, grease spot, heat radiation,etc.


High silicon crystal fiber

Multi-layer thermal insulator

-18 - 1000¡æ

Meet ultra-temperature environment, antispray, dust, grease spot, defending high heat radiation

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