Production line of all automatic insulating glass

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1800 all automatic troughs of aluminium type hollow glass plates press the production line by the vertical glass cargo airplane, the vertical tertiary glass washes the dryer, vertical glass and checks apparatuses such as cargo airplane, automatic aluminium frame positioning machine, vertical glass flat composite slice pressing machine, glass cargo airplane,etc. to make up. The production line adopts world-leading Austrian technology, PLC and touch-sensitive screen variable frequency control, wash, dry apparatus, adopt, thicken stainless steel, choose whom world lead pigeonhole the way to go on the composite slice while being flat nowadays, the case is designed in front and at the back of automatic spreader bar ' Front case vacuumizes, rear cabinet air bearing turning) Use the glass composite slice with formating completion of film, and can not be waited for in the insulating glass of film, insulating glass of opposite sex, tri-layer vitreously to process, it is the key equipment which produces the glass curtain wall at the same time. Such characteristics as this line runs stably, the dimension is accurate, production efficiency is high. Line this complement with the intersection of abrasive band and edge polisher, the intersection of butyl and the intersection of glue and spreader, pairs of the intersection of component and glue brushing machine, molecule shining filling machining, rotating, painting adhesive tape dispenser apparatus it makes up to be empty in the full automaticity

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