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Hebei the intersection of treasure and plastifying Co., Ltd. lie in Tianjin protect at a high speed southern side day, locate in the intersection of North China and the intersection of economy and technological garden, border on North China pearl Baiyang Lake in the west. Easily accessible, the plastic products variety are complete, quality is reliable.

Company have several the intersection of China and advanced all automatic the intersection of toper and twin screw, extruder set and mould shaping machine and auxiliary facility, the products carry out standards such as national GB/T5836, 1-92, GB8624-97,etc., the company produces the pipe aircrew, the staples has communication integrative perforated pipe, corrugated pipe of the double wall, coil pipe, silicon core tube, UPVC giving, blow-off pipe series of optical cable. PPR series pipe pipe fittings,etc. has 5 series altogether, 60 multi-type products, the communication pipe among them, UPVC pipe, pipe fittings are the country " The Ninth Five-Year Plan " During this time, products that popularize in a more cost-effective manner, have the intersection of material and light, the intersection of construction and the intersection of labor intensity and low, the intersection of intine and smooth, encrust, the intersection of appearance and characteristic such as being esthetic.

A product of company's mother is divided into a black mother one, white mother one, a three major series of colored mother, the products are applied to fields such as membrane, moulding plastics, coating, pipe, sheet material, electrical wire and cable,etc. extensively. The plastic products that our customer produced include the protective film, sanitation material, instant noodles bag, membrane of milk, shopping bag, wrapping bag of medicine taken with water, bottle of package of medicines and chemical reagents, box of detergent bottle, pen, VCD and DVD, refrigerator shell, PE tube, PPR tube, suction, communication cable,etc..

The company pays close attention to product quality, has set up the tube system of the quality headed by general manager, set up successive check, implement total quality control, the marketing of products is trusted by the masses of customers all over China. The company will be by complete management, advanced apparatus, high-quality products, will try to get greater development, plastifying Co., Ltd. of the treasure and you go forward hand in hand on day in Hebei, attends the bright future together.

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