Waist person who take turns count / ultrasonic flow meter / turbine flow meter

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Act for the gas flow meters of different imported brands of management in speciality of apparatus Co., Ltd. of gas of Best in Shenzhen, volume readout, gas meter, gas table.

It is a first class agent of the Chinese market of the American Elster group flow meter that apparatus of gas of Best in Shenzhen has a company, responsible for Elster flow instrument in China

Sale and maintenance) of the field .

The leading enterprises that Elster is the global gas measured and controlled, the flow of its production has taking turns amount of waist that is counted: RVG ST-G10- G25, RVG G16-G400,

IRMG10-G250, RPMG16-G200; Turbine flow meter: TRZ G65-G1000, GTS type, QA/QAe gas turbine flow meter, Q type are angry

Body turbine flow meter, Q, sonic series gas ultrasonic flow meter, G6 dry table, G6 wet type table,

And is furnished with the volume and revise the appearance EK210, EK230, EK260.

Agents of our company France actaris skin film table and actaris flow meter, the type is as follows, FLUXI 2000 / TZ turbine flow meter,

G10/G16/G25/G40/G65/G100/G 160 / G250/G400/G650 waist taking turns amount is counted; And is furnished with corus ptz electron and correct the appearance,

Diesel oil flow meter, diesel oil volume readout, water gauge, oil meter,

If need to understand more. Please telegraph the connection of the intersection of Best and Company, we will offer specialized free consultation to you with specialized technical support and service of enthusiasm!

Shenzhen Best gas apparatus Co., Ltd. Contact: Miss Lin

Business address: The number of the red mountain range of the way of cloth dragon of the intersection of China and town of dragon of Baoan district of Shenzhen is the first 301

Tel.: 0755-81483758 13530648959

Fax: 0755-28127295 Q Q: 1132165877

Website: http://www.ccbestgas.com http://www.cigas.cn China imports the gas apparatus network

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