Compound bag factory of Shenzhen

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Our company specializes inPOPEPPOPPPPEPVCIt is the plastics of raw materialsGlue bag,Not spinning the sack, produce the shopping bag, clothes bag, undershirt bag of the store, propagate advertising bag, gift bag, hand to hold the bag in speciality,Have not spun the sackHandbagChina seals the compound bagCompound bag of food packingCompound bag of the negative and positiveAluminium foil compound bagThe tea is packed the compound bagCompound bag, rope reeving bag,PVCGlue bag, oblique to hang bag, letter stick to bag, the intersection of envelope and bag, the intersection of chuck and bag, all kinds of typesBone bag, every restaurant, hotel offer pastry bag, cup bag, freshness protection package, disposal bag, special glue bag etc.. Various in style, the style is complete.

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