Profound ACX4I-48X1 single-phase ampere meter full of trees

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ACX4I-48X1 ampere meter

One, three and a half LED digital voltage, ampere meter have the following characteristics:

A, range are accurate, performance is reliable

B, one pair of total marks A/D are changed, the ability to resist interference is strong

C, international standard DIN design

Second, main technical indicator:

Working power: AC220V¡À 10% (45HZ 60HZ)

Consumption:< 3W

Precision grade: ¡À (0.2% +3 words)

Excessive Cheng reveals: The primary importance reveals " 1" The whole the last three does not reveal

Working temperature: 50 ¡æ from 0 ¡æ to ¡À

Reveal words are high: The intersection of LED0.5 and " or 0.56 " - the intersection of 0.8 and " the 1.0 "

Weight: 500g~1500g

Measure the speed: About 3 times / second

Most greatly reveal: 1999

A/D changes one pair of total marks

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