AMCO cover film table AL425 gas table gas meter volume readout

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Act for the flow meters of different imported brands of management in speciality of apparatus Co., Ltd. of gas of Best in Shenzhen, volume readout, gas meter, gas table.

AL425-25 which AMERICAN METER CO Company produces It is metrological in larger house or small-scale commerce / industrial facility that the skin membrane table is specialized

Gas meter. Accord with the technology of checking meter automatically.

Material: Aluminium shell

Connect the requirements: DN32 whorl connected

Working pressure: 2.8kpa-170kpa

High flux the most: 50 cube / hour

Minimum flow: 0.05 cube / hour

Applicable medium: Can be used for measuring natural gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, air, inert gas and various chemical gas.

Sell the type AC175-5, AC175-5, AL425-25, AL425-10, AC630-25, AL630-25, AL800-20, AL800-100, AL800-100 in special price of our company, the pressure is from the pressure of 175mmwc-0.7kg, flow 7~312m3/h, is used in the larger house or small-scale commerce / industrial facility and measure the most ideal apparatus. Diesel oil flow meter, diesel oil volume readout, water gauge, oil meter,

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