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First, summaryIn the industrial production cap nut that use extensively ' Nut) ,In the open, in the high temperature or corrosivity environment, some are killed by the corrosion, some trip because over load is strained, because some is bungled and touched that and the silk spike damaged, in a word, these questions appear, it is very difficult to dismantle the nut, the past method is usually utilizing (air) Weld and cut spiral shell's nut and bolt in unison, but in some special industrial and mining's environments, forbid, utilize fire strictly sometimes ' Electric) Weld and operate, for instance places such as the coal powder cartridge of the power plant, oil pipeline high pressure, high-temperature pipe line,etc., if wanting to change the nut bolt, make people at a loss what to do even more, the patented product through tackling key problems and succeeding in developing of scientific research personnel of our factory - hydraulic nut splitting device. Needn't get angry, without the electricity, do not damage the bolt silk to deduct, solve the dismantlement of the bolt nut and change the difficult problem simply and conveniently, swiftly, safely, high-efficient. Second, operation method 1. Open Cymbium melo (sdander) of note to fill in, fill the manual oil pump case with voltage transformer oil No. 10 or 32 #s to resist and rub the hydraulic oil, and close the relieved valve. 2.The splitting the nut device header hole telescopes the nut to be split, and put in a correct place and recline. 3.Press the manual oil pump, make the cutter head push-out and advance paying attention to it before the cutter head was not carried to the nut to the nut, the pressure gauge is shown zero, splits the initial climb of the indicator after entering the nut, when the cutter head is split to enter the nut 1/2, must press the manual oil pump carefully, so as not to exert oneself too quicklily, split and split the nut to damage the bolt silk to deduct fast. 4.Will hear " (indicating a suggestion, a request or a mild command) " Splitting at the time of, indicate whether, already splitting, meanwhile, last zero oil pump pressure gauge indicators manual rapidly nut, namely stop pressing. 5.Turn on the relieved valve, return the normal position after the chopper, take down and open up the opening device, the work is over. 6.Opposite to what some nuts can also be splitting split, make it divided into two valves, separate from bolt. Third, be sure to mark out, split into the intersection of opposite side and size of nut when order, we offer corresponding machines, in case that the specification is not accorded with. Delay your use. Note: Must add the machine oil in the port of the blade while using.Taizhou asks for mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd of strength and mainly makes and sells the cap nut to break the cutting device, the splitting device of the nut, the hydraulic cap nut breaks the cutting device, href =""L >The splitting device integral cap nut of the hydraulic nut breaks the cutting device, the separated cap nut breaks the cutting device, separated nut splitting device, the spiral closing up device, quality is remarkable, pursue the perfection, it is Taizhou that asks for the common goals of staff of strength, believe that asks for strength, the telephone number: 0523-86860099

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