Lens can focus infrared thermoscope

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Xi'an Germany strength automatic instrument Co., Ltd. is engaged in the infrared thermometric specialized company, engaged in automation control and does not contact and examine the warm work, have designed capacity in technology such as optics, machinery, electron for a long time. Have abundant on-the-spot working experience of industry, can offer special product design and many kinds of fittings according to the needs of user, offer high-quality overall examining the solution of controlling the temperature to customer. Through to examining the research of warm technology for many years, on the basis of understanding and absorbing foreign producer's advanced technology, survey and study Chinese users' need thoroughly, examine the warm products after developing series D-T. This product belongs to and does not contact and examine the warm instrument, compared with the situation that contact-type, there are response speeds that do not destroy the obvious advantage distributed in warm field that is examined the goal quickly, at the time of measurement.

It is that a integration that has optics to aim at the function can focus and examine warmly to pop one's head that series D-T examine the warm sensor. Its most prominent characteristic is great to the coefficient, stability is good, are suitable for measuring the small high-temperature goal; The repeated precision of other 10 milliseconds of response time and ¡À 0.1%, guarantee to satisfy you and carry on the temperature survey fast and accurately.

1)Temperature range 400 ---3000 ¡æ(segment)

2)Measure the precision ¡À 0.5%, ¡À 0.3% (mark definite value)

3)Repeat the precision ¡À 0.1% (mark definite value)

4)Distance coefficient 100: 1

5) Response time 10 milliseconds

6)The spectrum responds to 0.85 ---1.08 microns;

7)Output the linear output of the way, 0- 5V; 4 ---20mA

8)Ambient temperature Optics pops one's head: -15 --+75 ¡æ

9)Environmental humidity Less than or equal to 90% RH

10)Store the temperature -30 ----+85 ¡æ

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