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Electrical wire and cable of Dagang District of Beijing Co., Ltd. [] specializes in the control cable, sells the control cable, the price of the control cable, offer the type of the control cable, supply and shield the power cable of control cable from stock, the fire-resisting cable of inflaming retarding, rubber sleeve cable, mining cable, sinking pump special cable, YC, YZW common rubber sleeve flexible cable, JHS waterproof rubber sleeve flat cable products, all according to China's standard (GB.JB) Produce, satisfiable electricity, the demand of trades such as the building, railway, chemical industry, petroleum, electron, metallurgy, aviation,etc. user. 1,This Standard of applicable scope is suitable for exchanging the nominal voltage 450/750V and the following control, polyvinyl chloride insulation that the occasion of controlling the loop and protecting the circuit etc. uses and gathering source ethylene boot control cable of chlorine. 2,It is 450/750 V to use 2.1 nominal voltage Uo / U of characteristic. 2.2 Allowing operating temperature to be 70 oC for a long time of cable conductor. 3.3 The temperature of laying of cable should not be lower than 0oC. Bending radius of permission recommended; Without cable containing layer of armour, should not be smaller than 6 times of the cable external diameter; There is armor or copper bus that shields the structural cable, should not be smaller than 12 times of the cable external diameter; There are structural flexible cables of shielding layer, should not be smaller than 6 times of the cable external diameter.

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