Where there are factory producing Cu-Ni alloy pipe, Cu-Ni alloy pipe, titanium nickel alloy pipe, cold finger,

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Where there are factories producing Cu-Ni alloy pipe, Cu-Ni alloy pipe, titanium nickel alloy pipe, great in cold finger, producer Liaocheng of Shandong of nickel copper-nickel alloy tube the accurate steel tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specializing in the air conditioner, heat exchanger and using copper and copper serial products of alloy pipe, the staples is as follows, Cu-Ni alloy pipe, HA177-2 aluminium brass tube, H68A adds the arsenic brass tube, HSn70-1B, HSn70-1AB add the boron brass tube, HSn70-1 tin brass tube, BFe10-1-1, BFe30-1-1 nickel copper-nickel alloy tube, is used mainly in the hydropower station, heat exchangers such as desalinization,etc.; Ordinary brass tube: H80, H70, H68, H65,etc.; The series of the copper pipe: T2, TP2; Form a complete set on the air conditioner in trades such as the electricity, steam turbine factory, shipbuilding industry, air conditioner, desalinization apparatus, petrochemical industry,etc., heat exchanger outside China extensively. The copper nickel alloy that our company produced heated companion's line output transistor to receive the dockyard and approval for producing producer of steam turbine all over China, and pass the classification society (CCS) The organization authorizes, can offer the ship to customer and examine the certificate. The company produces and manages the seamless steel pipe, the welded steel pipe, stainless steel tube, corrosion resistant plate at the same time, the stainless steel is excellent, and other stainless steel products, welcome incoming telegrams of old and new users to condescend to inquire and order all over China!

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