ZRY4I exchanges the ampere meter

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ZRY4I exchanges the ampere meter

First, summary
K serial programmable intelligence call the police, become, it gives instruments to be to count, show electricity, examine table, increase following function and characteristic at the foundation in the intersection of X and series:
1,Reveal times of rate, mailing address, the intersection of Potter and rate,etc. until button can be set up arbitrarily at the panel, it is very flexible and convenient to use.
2,Can choose to be given and is exported by the becoming of measuring value, it is available to export as 4- 20mA, 0- 5V, 4- 12- 20mA,etc..
3,Take RS-485 digital interface, adopt the standard MODBUS-RTU agreement, possesses word communication and byte communication way, test the software from the location taking machine.
4,The scope of application is wide, makes the function up strongly.
5,Having warning function of upper and lower limits, upper and lower limits call the police and allow to presume the function, users can be flexible to make up using in order to realize some control functions.
6,Zero digital schools, digital school adjust, the precision is high, the cost performance is extremely high.

Second, common technical indicator
Precision grade: Reveal the precision: 0.5% 0.2%
Reveal: Four LEDs add sign bit
Range: AC1A AC5A DC20mA, AC100V AC220V AC380V DC75mV,etc., special range can be made to order
Operating frequency: 50/60HZ
Working power: AC220V, DC220V, AC110V, DC110V ( Appointed by the customer)
Consumption: Smaller than 3VA
The working time of average fault-free: Greater than 50000H
The condition of work: Ambient temperature: -10 to 55 ¡æ The relative temperature is smaller than 93% It is smaller than 2500 meters that above sea level
Call the police and export the mouth: Carry sub COM-NC for close contact carry sub COM-NO turn on in the contact often often
The interface of communication: It is 485 ground wire to carry sub GND, it is 485 to carry sub A and carry sub B for 485+-

The products are used in: MBS, high-pressure switch cupboard KYN28A-12 10KV, high-pressure switch cupboard 6KV, low-voltage switch cupboard, lighting power distribution box, GCK, GGD, power distribution box, subdue the arc cupboard, HMS12, KYN28-12, MNS, SCB10, high-pressure switch cupboard KYN28A, China puts the cupboard handcart cupboard

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