Vice general agent of the accurate oil pressure

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1.Oil pressure vice, are suitable for setting up, horizontal machining center, milling machine do heavy cut, accurate and cut processing.2.The fast oil pressure is clamped, it reaches 3.5- 8 tons to grasp strength, does not fear and shake, will never retreat and press. 3.The handle is designed bidirectionally, the horizontal, vertical direction can use, in order to prevent the handle from interfering. 4.Control of 14 items of geometirc precision, world-class fine quality. The patent is on record, the property of intelligence! 5.Horn firm the intersection of formula and half ball can produce horn to be firm to lay strength that lock, can dispel the intersection of tiger's mouth and board, go up by with the work piece sloping. 6.The pincers body uses the globular graphite casting iron of high tensile pulling force (FCD60-60Kgs/ mm2; ;) ( 80000psi) ,It is strong, difficult to deform to resist the tension. 7.The pincers body slips the surface through hardening the heat treatment above HRC45, can keep the wear-resisting for a long time and precision. 8.Move the jaw and adjust the screw, can adjust the most appropriate precision of vices at any time. 9.Four kinds of difference are grasped and opened. 10.Prevent the bits from being designed, protect the actuator, make the iron filling easy to remove. The detailed catalogue asks for fully, please contact our company. More contents please log on the website of our company.

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