Long-term DR pneumatic instrument DR-10LS pneumatic rail-mounted grinder, rich Qi's pneumatic instrument of Xiamen

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±P's size of DR-10LS pneumatic rail-mounted grinder bottom: 55104 mm shakes ܉'s distance : 10 mm (to the Ñ} type) Þ’ÞD's speed of Ø“'s burden: 4000 (B.P.M) Weight: 0.7 Kg empty consumption: 0.11 M3min ßM mouth: 14 P.T special üc: ?It is fast to grind, does effective ¿s do ég short?Ýp's skillful equilibrium is high, not using éLég, ®a grow the tired use: ?Is the ܇âk money Ñb of vapour made?The Ña soil of âk's money is ground, is having a shave, feather  îß… ground?It is ground that furniture of woodwork, ݆ circle, gold are entire The website of our company: http://www.boqitrading.com http://xmbqmy.cn.alibaba.com telephone number: 0592-5218401 5565409 contacts: Mr. Lin Mobile: 13860429101

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