Storage battery repairing machine of up-to-the-minute technology

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As you still in order that while looking for a small, risk-free good project of investment to worry, the storage battery of Qi Kang in Shanghai repaired the apparatus factory to offer an enormous market prospect to you, trade prevail, lucrative, gain good project for a long time and old and useless battery repaired (the country supports the environmental protection project especially) .

The repairing machine serial products of our factory are accurate in market orientation, adopt the plus-minus reaction type integrated circuit of latest patented technology, the product design is unique, the mother board adopts the integrated module of nanometer, it is monolithic to carry on repairing to the storage battery, repair the result and lead the like product, than great traditional current resonance, the result that positive minus pulse,etc. repairs is improved by more than 2 times, the result as the products can not be reached the producer promises, can retreat unconditionally ing machine refund. " the products of Shanghai, credible " ,Hearty to welcome old and new customers to negotiate the business, seek common development! You return some of hesitation! ! !

Latest patent 08, produce without competition, the producer sells directly to households, the technological tracing guidance of the whole journey.

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Company's address: Shanghai Zhabei district day eye West Road No. group Building Block A 1705s permanent 547 ( The south square of railway station is to the south 300 meters of the eye West Road and intersection on Chang An road) on day

Factory address: The intersection of Shanghai and the intersection of Baoshan District and private the people of hi-tech development area the intersection of department and Road, Lane 36 No. 3 (the intersection of Shanghai and some Company usurp the site of factory of our factory and go on and mislead consumers now, ask customers to go to the factory to visit and investigate that confirm on the spot. The telephone number of the factory: 021-66879128)

Consulting telephone: 021-63540539, 61429369 (fax) Mobile: 13916472288, 13641751988

Technological individual line: The inventors of patent 13801618982: 13681829009

Online QQ: 496229665 464504332

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