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As you still in order that while looking for a small, risk-free good project of investment to worry, the storage battery of Qi Kang in Shanghai repaired the apparatus factory to offer an enormous market prospect to you, trade prevail, lucrative, gain good project for a long time and old and useless battery repaired (the country supports the environmental protection project especially) .

The repairing machine serial products of our factory are accurate in market orientation, adopt the plus-minus reaction type integrated circuit of latest patented technology, the product design is unique, the mother board adopts the integrated module of nanometer, it is monolithic to carry on repairing to the storage battery, repair the result and lead the like product, than great traditional current resonance, the result that positive minus pulse,etc. repairs is improved by more than 2 times, the result as the products can not be reached the producer promises, can retreat unconditionally ing machine refund. " the products of Shanghai, credible " ,Hearty to welcome old and new customers to negotiate the business, seek common development! You return some of hesitation! ! !

It is integrative industrial corporations that Shanghai Qi Kang storage battery apparatus Co., Ltd. collects research and development of products, large-scale production and sale, specialize in the new high-tech enterprise that the storage battery repaired research and development of products, manufacturing and sale service such as the apparatus, checkout equipment and protection device, the company has engaged in the storage battery to repair research and development and production of serial apparatuses for many yearsed, on the basis of drawing the recovery technique of the lead-acid battery outside China, rely on the advanced electric research and development technology and manufacturing process in Shanghai, cast the first-class intelligence which is extensively suitable for motor-assisted bicycle, motorcycle, car, steamer and lead-acid battery automotive of electronic motor out and repair the series of products. The products cover more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, find a good sale in countries such as Southeast Asia and Spain,etc.. The company is practical in line with rigorous scientific attitude, sincerity, scientific management, devoted to the storage battery and repair the development of the trade, build together the pollution-free industry, cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life wholeheartedly, create brilliance! Qi Kang storage battery apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to and " survives on high quality, in order to innovate and seek development, in order to serve to ask improving, ask the eternity with prestige " Enterprise management aim,it is and getting more practical in cooperative partner achieve mutual benefit and a win-win position now.

Neat in the shape: We pay attention to the appearance quality of the products, like we meet consumer's demands constantly

The health is in the core: We pay attention to inherent quality of products even more, like we being persevering to raise the key competitiveness of Company

Technological principle:

Nowadays adopt the latest PAMDER function nanometer module. Combine the sine wave, is shouldered the intersection of string and wave and compounded the syntony basic circuit of reaction type ' Patent applied for) ,It is the newest one in China that applies to the storage battery and repairs the electromechanical way of one piece on the plane. Its characteristic: First, have negative feedback circuit of voltage of electric current, compensator circuit of the temperature (function: Make the battery in the balanced action with automatic electric current, temperature and frequency of the repair process. The storage battery is in repair " The zero damage " ,The capacity can be returned to maximum) Second, circuit adopt the one-chip computer, the repair of the pertinence of the monolithic storage battery, repair the intersection of trade and used apparatus, adopt series type repair circuit at present ' The manufacturing cost is cheap) ,The storage battery after repairing can't be returned to the optimum capacity. Because the internal resistance, capacity, voltage, discharge curve that the series connection repairs between the storage batteries of every one are unequal, in battery that build up first in the same group under repair process, repair, will produce, charge, cause battery desiccate, thermorunaway, severe outer cover out of shape, not filling the electric storage battery to wane gradually because of the charging current, so that the battery produces passivity, make the battery difficult to have higher capacity to promote. Connect battery in series, large quantity have repair, internal resistance large battery its, it is very much difficult for electric current not to change into chemical energy through electric energy, even make the form of the bypass of passing of current change into the reason why heat energy causes thermorunaway of battery. Can't achieve the goal of going to sulfurize, and damage the battery relatively largely.

Because this circuit adopts and charges and repairs and manages the integrated circuit after the monolithic battery has repaired and totally solved the above-mentioned problem, sine wave shoulders the wave of the string and feedbacks and repairs the circuit, have increased the compensator circuit of the temperature, provide different repair electric current and frequency to different batteries that damages, storage battery temperature rise very low repair, can inhibit the intersection of storage battery and desiccate, passivation, carry on valid repair sulfurizing severe batterying especially from effectively, basically can lengthen one to double life-span ' It is that a has humanized repair ways) .

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