Calorimeter, make the intersection of sulphur and appearance, examine the intersection of sulphur and appearance, nature of coal analysis meter / the intersection of Hebi and city prosperous source nature of coal analytical instrument limited and common

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The prosperous source analytical instrument limited company of nature of coal of Hebi specializes in the carbonization of coal and tests the apparatus, nature of coal and tests the analytical instrument, the instrument, instrument and coal coking test the development of the apparatus, study, produce, sell, serve the as an organic whole advanced enterprises of science and technology, the products of our company are applied to trades such as coal, electricity, fuel, chemical industry, coking, metallurgy, universities and colleges,etc. extensively. Our company accepts a whole set ofly and tests the design of room, installation, debug, train and maintain and test the apparatus, there are analytical instrument fittings of many kinds of nature of coal, welcome to condescend to inquire and choose. Our company produces the nature of coal and tests the apparatus now: Calorimeter, intelligence make the intersection of sulphur and appearance, muffle furnace, warm programme-controlled appearance at the microcomputer fast, gray melting point measure apparatus, carbon and hydrogen analysis meter, gelatinous layer, make prototype machine, the crusher, the intersection of dry box and series, bind the intersection of index and measure apparatus, the intersection of Micoud and nurse transfer Drum machine more thanth the intersection of series and dozens of analytical instrument of type to. The company is in the course of developing production, by the normal design, rigorous management, meticulous manufacture, in order to upgrade, higher, better standard provides the instrument and equipment of high quality and at a reasonable price for user, in one year of quality guarantee period of products of the company, offer good service all one's life. Website Contact Tong GuiPing 13193489343

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