Liquid oxygen storage tank, liquid oxygen storage sump

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5-100m3 cryogenic liquid storage tank | Storage tank

This container is to store liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, argon of the liquid, the storage pressure vessel of mediums such as the carbon dioxide,etc., exactly in lead in the development of science and technology state in China at present, it offers the highly purified required gas for trades such as the steel factory, hospital, gas factory, food beverage trade, welding,etc., compared with high-pressure steel cylinder aeration of use being economic, also safe, and reduce the cost of gas using. The liquid that every profession and trade are first-selected is stored at present

Store the container. Type of this type approval of our company is 5m3, 10m3, 15m3, 20m3, 30m3, 50m3, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, argon of the liquid, liquid carbon dioxide storage vessel. And can until user demand, design and make beyond the the above-mentioned type finalize the design cryogenic liquid store pressure vessel. Technical parameter: Design pressure 1.68/0.84MPa, operating pressure: 1.6/0.8MPa, design temperature: -196 ¡æ, heat insulation way: Vacuum powder, material(inside /outside) : Stainless steel / carbon steel, carbon dioxide storage tank design pressure 2.16MPa

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