HP-10 tester

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HIOS is easy to hold the speed torsion tester the torque suitable for the electronic opener is presumed, and the detection of opener torque. The characteristic of HIOS torsion tester is here
Reveal the torque in digital way, can read the data simply correctly and and can keep the display of the torque maximum, presume the torque of the tool correctly.
Test high accuracy, offset only in less than 5%. The portable charging type is designed, carry and then enable, and already through the examination of ISO9000, all kinds of factories deeply
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HP-10, 100
The torque suitable for the electronic opener presumes, and the torque opener, torque board hands,etc. count the detection which examines the tool. HP-10 HP-100
Range lbf.in of the torsion 0.15 ~ 9.0 1.5 ~ 90.0
kgf.cm 0.15 ~ 10.00 1.5 ~ 100.00
Nm 0.015 ~ 1.000 0.15 ~ 10.00
Accuracy Less than ¡À 0.5%
Mode It is the highest, whole journey and head are the highest
Volume (mm) 123 x 230 x 65
Weight (kg) 1.8
The intersection of opener and the intersection of head and H4 or the intersection of 1/4 six and H5 or 1/4 6
Length of the connecting wire 1 mm
5 power 1.2V NiCd batteries, 1200mAh
Charge time 8 hours
Continuous duration 30 hours
The input AC 120V or 220 of the voltage transformer exports DC 7.25V 120mA 240V


Used in the electronic screwdriver, torsion screwdriver, the torsion of the torsion spanner is checked, assay and performance checking and torsion measurement of different rotatory body.

Portable torsion test is counted
HP-100 . HP-10 (one pair of number values counts the output end son and connects the table printing machine function )
. Adopt the digital display of the liquid crystal to test the number value. Interpretation is easy. Will not miss.
. Torsion determine accuracy reach +- 0.5% .
. Direction while going against instantlying. The torsion is all testable.
. The supreme value keeps the device. Can be compared.
. The unit change-over switch can choose the applying unit kgf-cm N.m. Or kgf-cm Lb.inch.
. Enclose group's number value output end son. Can connect ancillary equipment. Draw the torsion and output the curve graph or print off and measure the result once more. For interpretation to manage.
. This machine adopts the rechargeable battery. Small. Light. The structure is accurate. It is convenient to carry using.
. Allocate the output end son of a group of printers. Output end son of a group of number values. Can be used to store and gather. Analyze. Test materials every time.
. The three sections of types unit chooses the switch kgf.cm - N.m. -Lb.inch.


The products / services are described: HIOS metrical instrument is a universally acknowledged standard measuring instrument.
Can input the measurement into the computer to deal with. (need to input and use the software and hardware separately)
Through the switch of the unit of measurement, can use lbf? in, kgf? cm, N? m 3 plant unit. (Is 100V specification N? m, N? 2 units of cm)
The clockwise directions can all be measured conveniently counterclockwise.
Follow and reveal the peak value of torsion, can read the correct number value easily.
The data of the analog signal are outputted as the standard specification.
Small, light, charging model, it is convenient to carry.
Have electric function in provinces, can be used for a long time. (series HP, HDP)

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