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The products are summed up:
GPS synchronized clock correct time system, GPS correct time apparatus (PS apparatus, GPS correct time apparatus, the intersection of GPS and the intersection of time service and appearance, the intersection of time and unifying, time service system at the school) Regard satellite signal of the Big Dipper as the time source, available GPS, IRIG-B yard (DCLS) at the same time , OCX0 (high steady thermostatical Jingzhen) , time such as CDMA, rubidium atomic clock source, correct time the precision reaches 30nS. System of correcting time of GPS synchronized clock, GPS corrected time the apparatus products have already been applied to the electricity extensively, finance, communication, traffic, broadcasting and TV, safety protection, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, water conservancy, national defence, medical treatment, education, government bodies, IT,etc. serve at the school of field.

GPS synchronized clock corrects time system, GPS correct time the apparatus of the apparatus adopts surface coating technique to produce, control with the high speed chip, precision high, good stability, function are strong, characteristics of having accumulated error, receiving environmental condition restrictions such as the climate in the region,etc., relative elevation of sexual valence, easy to operate, non-maintaining etc., suitable for the unattended operation.

Sharp to present the company GPS synchronized clock and correct time system, GPS correct time the apparatus products adopt the constructional design of the whole modularization, not only has realized the full-compatibility of the plate card, has offered abundant signal interface resource and open special interface design platform, possess excellent compatible ability. Can offer multi-channel NTP/SNTP agreement network time locking signal, PTP( 1588) Agreement signal, pulse signal (1PPS/M/H, dead contact, differentiating, TTL, 24V/110V/220V are active, light) , IRIG-B signal (TTL, 422, AC, light) , DCF77 signal, time message , 10MHz frequency time locking signal, can meet the interface requirement of correcting time with the apparatus.

The quality service of the apparatus products that system, GPS correct time of correcting time of GPS synchronized clock:

1. GPS synchronized clock correct time system, GPS correct time the intersection of apparatus and the intersection of apparatus and professional provider, nearly ten thousand on-the-spot stable operation of every profession and trade outside China of products, quality assurance.

2. Present the clock synchronization products sharp, the free quality is protected in three years, safeguard all one's life, the software adopts once to buy free staging all the life.

3. Online operating equipment breaks down at the scene, the attenbant reaches the scene (special circumstances in 12 hours in 24 hours) ,Preventive maintenance time is not generally greater than 30 minutes.

4. The reputable engineer offers technical support to you for 7*24 hours, follow " practically " , " enough " , " work well " Principle,offer to you a whole set of solution. If need field installation to debug, our company will select and appoint the experienced, conscientious engineer and get to the scene as soon as possible. Our service goal is that " all matters, big and small, perfect, the carefree service of customer's whole journey " ,Your requirement is our task, we will cherish every trust of yours, make great efforts to accomplish better

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