Navigation system of the transmission line failure

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The transmission line failure navigation system of independent development of our company is applied to 110kV and the above impracticable power transmission line, used in the intersection of mains frequency and flashover and strike by lightning flashover monitoring record of trouble and position, analyze. Compared with other trouble navigation systems in the trade, this system has increased record and analysis function of the trouble to striking by lightning.

The fixed principle of the system failure is a detecting method of failure current based on that the key point covers:

l There is the only trouble monitoring device numbered that will be installed on backbone material in the iron tower or earth lead in the cement tower directly, through noncontact measurement, find that flows through mains frequency failure current of backbone material or cement tower earth lead of iron tower or is struck by lightning in the electric current, and record in the monitoring device.

l Through the intersection of group and wireless network, adopt way of relay have failure message that device number pass the converting station back, thus differentiated the pole tower of every grade to break down. This kind of trouble location method is simple and convenient, reliable, do not depend on algorithm of any range finding, there is no positioning error on the principle.

Systematic characteristic:

1,Can record waveform and the time of the flashover trouble, convenient ex post analysis and dealing with accurately.

2,Can orient the brass-wind instrument of pole tower taking place in concrete flashover accurately, there is not a positioning error, this is that algorithm fault location of other range finding is beyond compare with method.

3,The ones that can record each pole tower and suffer are struck by lightning the number of times, in order to install the basis that circuit lightning protection facilities offer choice.

4,The flashover that flashover filth and over voltage that can lead to the fact striking by lightning cause is distinguished, define the cause of the trouble, in order to take corresponding maintenance or preventive measure to different situations.

5,And the intersection of mains frequency and waveform of flashover draw at a figure for the first time strike by lightning in China, in order to do further studying to the danger which is struck by lightning the trouble.

6,Pass the converting station or control center back through the wireless grade of ways to connect data with automatic, fast behind the ink trouble, reduce to find out manually the time that the fault point causes is delayed, rush to repair the trouble fast, reduce black out losses.

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