Germany's treasure morality electromagnetic valve \ BURKERT electromagnetic valve

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We support the Der electromagnetic valve of the Germany treasure, the electricity of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of one pair of honours of Shanghai of electromagnetic valve of the intersection of treasure and the Supreme Being's unexplosive: (021) 39529839 / three one / two nine / three zero ext. 8006 are spread: (021) 39529829 / three nine-day periods after the winter solstice is moved: 18918572467 Company manage SMC mainly; CKD; FESTO; U.S.A. GEMS: American Sid: PILZ; IFM; Treasure Germany; ASCO; P+F; ODE; UNIVE; E+H; OMRON; SUNX; Vickers; The promise precededs; Hai Long; Palestinian Rupf; The intersection of Kean and person; NASS, Siemens, the gold clock ties solemnly tight, abb, Snide numerous internationally famous brand, sincere to employ the intersection of retail trader and Germany, treasure of Germany, compact type general to have the intersection of electromagnetic valve and two person two-port Germany, treasure of Germany, that EEx authorize all over China, emperor, treasure of Germany, bring servo diaphragm, have electromagnetic valve that EEx authorize, treasure emperor two person two-port, it has electromagnetic valve that EEx authorizes that Germany's treasure must be suitable for the neutral medium, two of Germany of treasure are two-port, Germany, treasure of Germany, rotate the intersection of armature and two two-port or two tee, BURKERT of electromagnetic valve, the intersection of Germany and BURKERT suitable for pneumatical system have that EExi authorize

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