The east profit central water purifier employs the Wuhan agent sincerely

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After straining the material to purify and filter in multiple layers, remove rust, impurity, suspended matter, residual chlorine, organic matter, heavy metal and other harmful substances, can keep necessary microelement and mineral of human body, the result is prominent.

Built-in self-cleaning, fixed blowdown, leach the dirty things from the running water apparently, blowdown only needs to start the valve and finish the blowdown course automatically.

Remove residual chlorine and harmful substance in mouth effectively or cortex enter human body, the intersection of water washing and face, wash mouth purify, take a shower, can prevent residual chlorine and harmful substance from entering the human body from the skin, hair effectively. Guarantee the security of the whole family is healthy.

Can protect water heater, washing machine wait for the intersection of water using and utensil avoid scale, rust corrode.

Connect and is in charge of one, flowrate is large, do not reduce water pressure to guarantee to drink the water. Water using is that the high quality continuously purifies water.

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