Ion interchange system

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1. Overcast, cation exchanger series
The regenerated ion exchanger of countercurrent flow is routine, the most classical apparatus the most in the water treatment speciality, it is used mainly for reducing underwater hardness and alkalinity, makes it become demineralized water, the apparatus is while running and regenerating, it is opposite to pass the direction of exchanging layer in fluid flow. According to the request of water treatment process, can load male genital of the strong type or weak type, anion-exchange resin respectively and absorb the resin big, become male genital, overcast bed or organic matter cleaner.
There are the products of our company with two kinds of specifications of automatic control manually.

2. Mix the ion exchanger series
It mixes ion exchangers to be male genital, overcast the intersection of resin and pure water preparation apparatus that run under even admixture, it is equivalent to countless pieces of male genital, association of overcast form bed, have high characteristic of electrical resistivity of effluent. For make male genital, reach, exchange terminal and regenerate at the same time while the overcast resin, the resin height of intussusception is generally male genital: It is overcast =1: 2.

3. Cationic softener series

Softening aqueous treatment is to utilize swappable cation in cation, an underwater calcium included, magnesium ion exchange will come out. After softening, the water hardness can be dropped to 0.03MMOL/L, thus improve the desalinization ability of RO reverse osmosis water purification machine.

Two. Application area

1. Demineralized water, pure water for production purpose of industry,etc., for instance: Electron, electric plating, breadboard, circuit board, chemical industry, beverage, food, washing, washing and dyeing etc..

2. Pure water, exceed purely aqueous preconditioning and advanced treatment.

3. Well water,etc. uses the aqueous item for disposal at ordinary times

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