Gram of cypress of Gansu offers the storage battery of the sky and water, power-supply N-H, battery cupboard 13919266069 to you

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The storage battery [1 ] is one kind of the battery, its function can store the definite electric energy, use in the appropriate place. Its operating principle is to turn chemical energy into the electric energy. It makes negative pole with the lead sheet of spongy lead of padding, the lead sheet of the lead dioxide of padding makes positive pole, and make the electrolyte with 1.28% rare sulfuric acid. While charging, the electric energy turns into chemical energy, chemical energy is turned into the electric energy again while discharging. The battery, while discharging, the metal lead is the negative pole, oxidation reaction takes place, it is plumbous for sulfuric acid to be oxidized; The lead dioxide is the positive pole, reduction reaction takes place, is reduced as the lead of sulfuric acid. The battery produces lead and lead dioxide respectively at the two poles while charging with the direct current. After removing the power, it returns to the state before discharging again, makes up the chemical cell. The chloride accumulator is a battery that can be charged, discharged repeatedly, are named the secondary battery. Its voltage is 2V, usually connects three chloride accumulators in series to use, the voltage is 6V. That used is that the chloride accumulator of 6 [2 ] connect in series into a battery of 12V on the car. Supplement the distilled water after the some time such as inuse such as chloride accumulator, make the electrolyte keep containing 22- 28% rare sulfuric acid. Address: The websites of room 2001 of China's peak mansion of wild goose beach way of pass area of Lanzhou: telephone number: 0931-82353171391926606913893444416 0931-8235629Contact: Jia Tao

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