Qinghai, Ningxia ends silently and grows ups uninterrupted power system, gram of cypress of Gansu of stabilized voltage supply 13919266069

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UPS is the uninterrupted power system (Uninterruptible Power Supply) English for abbreviation,it is can offer is it lasting ancillary equipments important of power supply steady. Come, say UPS one the intersection of collection and the intersection of digital sum and analogous circuit, automatically controlled inverter and non-maintaining to fit to the integrative electric electronic device while being ergastic from principle; Say, UPS can purify city power effectively when city power becomes abnormal from function; Can also certain time give computer wait for apparatus supply power continuously when city power was cut off suddenly, enable you to have abundant time to deal with; Say, with the arrival of the informationized society, UPS widely applies to from information acquisition, conveys, deals with, stores from use, its importance increases with improvement day by day of the importance of information application. Address: The websites of room 2001 of China's peak mansion of wild goose beach way of pass area of Lanzhou: www.gsbaykee.com telephone number: 0931-82353171391926606913893444416 0931-8235629Contact: Jia Tao

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