Holding laser range finder D2 of general agent of Leca

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The person open D2 of Lai Cady: Small and exquisite partner -Suitable for the application in the room

This basic type appearance is small and exquisite, it is convenient to carry, design to employ in the room specially. Very open over swift button adds or subtracts and the calculation of the area and volume, measurement is fast and very reliable. Can store the measurement results of the first 10 times. Like all Leica laser range finders, its laser is clicked apparently. Even if the goal lies in the inaccessible position, you can always find the goal make a reservation to click. Leica DISTO? D2 - measurement that you no longer needed to use the tape measure to come from then on!

Accurate measurement: Simple and convenient fast - can pack into any pocket!

Small and exquisite and portable
Leica DISTO? The holding and holding of D2 adopts the human engineering principle to be compact in design, can rest assure of holding in hands or putting into any pocket.

Clear to reveal
The result reveals on three lines of display screens. In the dark place immediately, utilize the illumination to reveal that still read the result easily.

Simple and dexterous
The biggest / minimummest measurement, follow and store the result, make your work simpler.

Measure from the edge or corner
Utilizing the turning base, you can carry on the homework under the environment of any measurement.

Fast and simple and convenient
Only need to dab the button, can measure the distance, calculation area or volume.

Product performanceEmploy the advantageExamine 0.05 meters Cheng to being most 60 meters far; Typical precision Accurate, fast, reliable indoor measurement of 1.5 millimetres of ¡À

The swift button can be measured far the distance has not reflected the board (about 100 m) It is simple and convenient to use, but fast to transfer the daily function

Even if three lines of display screens which bring the lighting function can also read the measuring value in the dark place

The turning base is measured from the edge or angle

Stamping the function can stamp the equal distance

Delay time to release and has not shaken measurement

But the height and width of indirect measurement of simple position to not can't be contactedding of the Pythagorean theorem function

IP 54 defends dabbling and dustproof

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