Lime stone slurry, ore pulp, coal mud, online densimeter of thick liquid of sand

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It is a section of products with production licence that the difference that new Wan develops mountain instrument presses the online densimeter, have already succeeded in being used in many kinds of occasions. The products used in the intersection of lime stone and slurry, ore pulp, coal mud, the intersection of sand and thick liquid and other the intersection of liquid and density find online. This Line two makes the integrated structure of the changer, without movable part, it is simple to safeguard, it is easy to use to install. Suitable for measuring the density of flowing or resting liquid. Based on different mediums, connect the liquid diaphragm and select 316 L, Kazakhstan high-quality materials such as C - 276, covering with like this, tantalum,etc. imported for use.

Technical parameter:

Precision: 0.001g/cm3 0.01g/cm3

Reveal: 4 and a half figure or 5 liquid crystals reveal
Range: 0.5- 5g/cm3 (unit: G/cm3, kg/dm3, proportion, solid percentage content,etc.)
Integrated temperature sensor, offer the high-accuracy temperature compensation

Temperature compensation range: -40-100 ¡æ
Make and supply power in Line two (4-20MA, HART agreement
Working power: 24vdc

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