Import horn contact the intersection of ball and corner, ntn of bearing, keep in touch the pot axle 87897650 of the ball bearing

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Tianjin pot axle power Industrial Co., The telephone 022-87897650ntn angle is exposed to one set of circles of ball bearing and contact angles with the balls, the contact angle of the standard is 15 degrees, 30 with 40 exposed to the intersection of horn and great axial load, large to exposed to angle to be light to help, rotate uniline bearing to can bear the intersection of radial and load and unidirectional axial load at a high speed ability have DB make up and DF make up and pair list bearing, can bear the intersection of radial and load and two-way axial the intersection of load and DT, it makes applicable unidirectional axial load up to be relatively loud, little, several more than games of using the bearing ball foot-path of the Model ACH at a high speed of occasion that the amount of the single bearing is underload, used in mostly the intersection of lathe and main corner, ntn of axle, exposed to ball bearing suitable for high speed and high precision rotate at the structure exposed to two the intersection of uniline and horn that the back make uping ball bearing share inner circle with Outer lane, have sealing type 23024CK3153124 to fill the bearing of the trough to can bear radial load and two-way axial load 24024C4053124 230263003126 23026C30531262306K311312623026CK315312624026C405312623028300312823028C3053128NU207NJ2320NJ2230+HJ2230NU208ENJ2322ENJ2232EM+HJ2232E NU208NJ2322NJ2232+HJ2232 NU209ENJ2324ENJ2234EM+HJ2234E NU209NJ2324NJ2234+HJ2234 NU210ENJ2326ENJ2236EM+HJ2236E NU210 NJ2326NJ2236+HJ2236 NU211ENJ2328ENJ2238EM+HJ2238E NU211NJ2328NJ2238+HJ2238 NU212E

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