Float flowmeter AR of the metal pipe

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The float flowmeter of the metal pipe is a kind of commonly used flow measurement instruments in the proceeding control of the industrial automation, it has a little pressure loss, the detection range is great (quantum than 10:1) ,The characteristic such as being easy to use, it can be used for measuring liquid, gas and steaming flowrate, especially suitable for the medium flow measurement of the small flowrate of low velocity of flow. The float flowrate of the ARS50 series metal pipe has display-type and intellectual remote transmitting type in situ, the indicator reveals, instant flowrate, accumulate the flowrate, liquid crystal display, upper and lower limits call the police and export, accumulate pulse output, various forms such as the canonial two-wire system 4-20mA Tap,etc., have offered very broad choice space to user. This instrument adopts the high-quality MCU little processing system, has guaranteed the flow indicator employs the fine characteristic of the place in various in addition.

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