Sticking to liquid location sensor outside

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Sum up:

The sticking to ultrasonic liquid location sensor monitors the warning device in a new kind of liquid location outside.

Used mainly for monitoring and storing the level surface of pot, realize whether upper and lower limits are called the police or monitored to have in the pipeline

There are the mediums ,Can be suitable for the medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, electricity,

The liquid location course in trades such as the food,etc. is controlled.

Operation principle:

The location sensor of the liquid pops one's head the high-frequency ultrasonic pulse of emerging can cross the container wall, this

A pulse will travel in container wall and liquid, will be reflected back. Pass this correctly

Plant detection and calculation of the reflection characteristic, can judge in the place container of the monitoring point

There is liquid. The location sensor of the liquid can export one grade of electric apparatuses after the electric apparatus signal is given or other and is set up at the same time

Fully, thus realize supervision on location of liquid and control.

Main technical parameter:

Power: DC24V (wide range 18~36V)

Output signals: The relay is exported ' The contact is a passive node)

Relay capacity: AC/DC 60V 0.5A (can be made according to the request of user)

Repeated error: ¡À 2mm

Can examine the wall thick: The biggest 60mm

Container material: Steel, stainless steel, glass, foam plastics closely knit material

Can examine mediums: Pure liquid, the liquid of form floats, suspend the liquid of form

Ambient temperature: -From 30 ¡æ to +80 ¡æ' General type)

-From 40 ¡æ to +80 ¡æ' Low temperature type)

-From 40 ¡æ to +500 ¡æ' High temperature type)

Ambient temperature: 15%~100%RH

Pierce through the line hole diameter: ¦Õ 8mm (right to buy cable diameter ¦Õ 6~8)

Explosion-proof type liquid location sensor

Material: Cast aluminium The outer cover shelter grade: IP65

The explosion-proof marks: ExdmIICT6

Applicable place: Other explosion gas environments except colliery

Sensor ( Pop one's head)

Outer cover material: Stainless steel The explosion-proof marks: ExdmIIC
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