General agent of apc South China district

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Electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 on wide day in Guangzhou, it was a supplier who specializes in UPS uninterrupted power system, been devoted to UPS power all the time, all-round power protective market exploring, technical support, after service before installing and selling such as product distribution of battery and project of computer lab, power, lightning protection protection system. Through the development for many years, have already become the famous professional power supplier of Guangzhou and even South China, blue and loving one gram of matches, mountain to be special on blue day with the world-famous UPS manufacturer APC, Ai MoSheng, plumThere are steady and good cooperation relations, cultivate through the open-up for many years, our company has already offered a large number of uninterrupted power systems and protection products for the fact that national finance, education, energy, post and telecommunications, railway, customs, petroleum, securities,etc. trade, have gained the appreciating extensively of users. Company's business trends towards the pluralism, the agent products have APC, plum blue day UPS such as blue, loving one gram of matches, mountain to be special, Ai MoSheng at present; Germany OBO, DHEN lightning arrester; Middle and large, White Cloud Mountain, iron tower stabilizator; Panasonic (Panasonic) , the soup is light (YUASA) , strength is rich and special (LIBERTY) , supernatural in a more cost-effective manner (Dynasty) Wait for non-maintaining battery, win unanimous favorable comment " understands power in customer, trust wide it " , " network expert of wide day " , " choose wide day, the network unites limitlessly " , " lightning protection is looked for wide day " Wait for good reputation, offer UPS polling to the doorstep free to customer for a long time. Services such as maintaining, maintaining and renewal of insurance outside in guarantee period and changing the battery,etc.! " quality first, good service, customer are the highest, based on sincerity " It is a management theory of the company, advanced technology and high-quality service that is improving constantly are the aim of the company. The customer's satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, the innovation of the products is our long-term goal. The spirit by making unceasing progress, endeavoring to gain the upper hand, pursuing being outstanding of the company serves for you wholeheartedly

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