The storage battery repairs the system 'Apparatus)

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The department of China is auspicious and abundant to undergo technology research and development, the scientific findings (new storage battery repair the appearance) succeeding ,The a little empty plasma storage battery repair system of the new monobasic low temperature was born. It have low-temperature, plasma intelligence repair the systematic instrument one ' Apparatus) ,Can repair the storage battery while using it, the storage battery is repaired, the old and useless battery is renovated, motor vehicle ( Car) The storage battery is repaired, can repair the mobile phone, storage batteries automotive such as motorcycle, motor-assisted bicycle, electronic tricycle, electric motor car, electric automobile, car, vessel, train, UPS,etc. and various industrial batteries. . The global view note of the issue on environmental protection, it is one of the crime killers of the environment too that the old battery takes place, the department is auspicious and abundant not merely can carry on individuals to start an undertaking with minor investment while joining, also in order to protect the environment, promoting the well-being of mankind makes huge contribution! Please consult the details the storage battery repair the forum or click:

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