Spiral pipe production line telephone number 053282217289 of PE carbon element

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PE carbon element strengthens the pipe aircraft nose spiral assigning shunt for producing standard design of line of pipe spirally, large floating space, has guaranteed the melt has sufficient dwell time. The optimum design of low melting temperature, the internal stress of the pipe is small, internal and external surfaces are smooth. High flexibility, the co-squeezing which is suitable for all polyolefin materials, can push out of bilaminarly, spiral enhancement tube of different specification uses of tri-layer. Optimization design is booked copperly and spiral directly there are very pre- cooling devices and suck the vacuum apparatus with strength in one set of entry edges, the ones that are suitable for this pipe are pushed out of at a high speed. The spraying the head of special planning brings efficient spray cooling. Vertical movement electrical machinery regulate, can realize three-dimension adjust while being about from head to foot. The container body is made by the stainless steel. The special efficient water pump sum is sprayed

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