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Website: Tel.: 029-32869626 32869386 awfully good computer maintenance service Co., Ltd. of Xianyangs are that one specialize in the computer, the display unit is maintained and the used computer is sold and retrieve the comprehensive service company of the business. The company relies on first-class maintenance technology, advanced maintenance of equipment, complete fittings, the company passes a few years' steady development, and the care of the masses of users, has already maintained one of the facilitators as the famous computer of Xianyang area now, become the masses of computer users and distributor's close cooperative partners of numerous computers. The advanced computer maintains the detecting instrument and imports BGA welding table, maintaining and data restoration tool pc3000 of hard disk,etc., offer specialized maintenance service for customer. Stable accessories purchase channel, the abundant accessories storehouse, have shortened the engineering time of computer greatly. Having accumulated and maintained the experience in a large amount, can judge the computer trouble fast, the repair rate is more than 90%. Especially can well reach one grade of maintenance of producer to the maintenance level of mother board hard disk liquid crystal display of the computer,etc.. Business scope: 1. Relevant apparatus of computers such as finishing computer, the display unit,etc.. 2.Sell in batches and retail various grades of masterpiece used computer and fittings in a large amount. 3. Retrieve used computer and automobile parts corporation address in a large amount: Xianyang city unite one hundred way remit computer the intersection of city and the intersection of the 3rd floor and the intersection of the lift and mouth to go directTelephone number: 029-32869626 32869386 is on the line QQ: 420986790 websites:

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